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12th April 2006





To Whom it May Concern


Re: Witness report for Susan Oliver Ė Nurse Prescribing Course Spring 2006.


The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) safety alert on Methotrexate was issued in July 2004.Following the publication, The British Society for Rheumatology (BSR), British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and British Society for Gastroenterologists (BSG) worked with the NPSA to review and refine clinical information and information for patients contained within two Methotrexate documents intended for issue to patients or their carers.


Susan Oliver was initially commissioned by the BSR to project manage this work which included collating responses from professional and patient groups, review clinical research evidence and write draft submissions in relation to Methotrexate.††


When the project with the BSR was complete the NPSA further commissioned Susan to complete some additional work (also related to Methotrexate).


The work required an in-depth understanding of the pharmacology of Methotrexate, prescribing and governance issues as well as practical issues related to daily clinical practice and ensuring safe high quality patient care.


The work was completed in a professional manner, was clinically accurate, and utilised language which is easily assimilated by patients and carers.


Susanís ability to understand the medication in question, review the clinical and research evidence, critically appraise and produce a report acceptable to a wide range of stakeholders is to be commended.


Yours sincerely




Wendy Harris

Head of Safety Solutions